Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee, 3 pack, 100g/3.5oz with 1 piece Mehmet Efendi Cup

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  • 3 bag pack of Mehmet Efendi 100g/3.5 oz bags Turkish Coffee
  • It is the oldest coffee cooking method in the world. It consists of foam, coffee and grounds. Thanks to its soft and velvety foam, it is the kind of coffee that keeps its taste on the palate for the longest time. Thanks to this delicious foam that can remain in shape for a few minutes, it can stay warm for a long time. Because it is presented in a fine-edged cup, it cools more slowly than other types of coffee, thus offering a longer lasting coffee enjoyment.
  • With its dense syrupy consistency, it takes place in the memory by over-stimulating the flavor buds in the mouth. It is more viscous, softer and aromatic than other coffee types. It can be easily distinguished from other coffees with its unique exquisite smell and special foam. It is considered by coffee enthusiasts to be the only coffee that can be boiled.
  • Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi's Yummy Turkish Coffee is roasted, milled and packaged using advanced technology with traditional care and diligence. You can buy our delicious Turkish Coffee as much as you want and keep it until the last consumption date. It will keep its freshness on the day it is grinded with its smell, taste and taste.
  • Although it is frequently drunk, it does not bloat because it is not much in quantity. Compared to other coffee types, one contains less caffeine. It is very practical and economical because all you need when cooking is a coffee pot. It should be consumed immediately after roasting or packaged to preserve its aroma in order to give it a delicious taste.

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